About IBM

Axent is a trusted supplier of refurbished and new IBM hardware. If you have IT equipment reaching the end of life you want to sell just send us the list. We can give it a second life and still give you a decent price! We want to extend the life of used systems, storage and contribute to a better environment.
No worries about your sensitive date. This data will be erased with erasure software. On request we deliver the certificates to ensure the data has been wiped accordingly.

About ISeries /P Series/ Systems

We deliver all IBM power systems such as 8202, 8203, 8286 as well as all parts for these systems such as expansions, tapes , disks, memory, storage …
Each system is built by qualified engineers and all our parts are genuine IBM parts offered at competitive prices

For more information on maintenance contracts and rates call us at +32(9)3726704