About Lenovo

Count on Axent as your supplier of both remanufactured and new Lenovo hardware. The brand is mainly known for its wide range of computers with a high price/quality ratio.
You can also come to us as a reseller with your old IT equipment that you want to get rid of. As an expert in refurbishing IT hardware, we take care of a correct removal of all your personal data so that these used systems can be reused again.

About Lenovo Machines, Spare Parts and Features

Axent offers Lenovo machines as well as Lenovo spare parts and features. Lenovo systems are built by our certified engineers. You can rest assured that all parts are original Lenovo parts. Opt for our remanufactured Lenovo IT solutions and enjoy the performance, reliability and security of the well-known brand at exceptionally competitive conditions.

For more information on maintenance contracts and rates call us at +32(9)3726704